El Mundo de Corazón Samaritano

The Little Red Car

In front of me, every time I sit down to write is a little red car that no one will ever drive. No other possession bigger or smaller warms my heart more than thinking about how the little car traveled home in my leather purse. He gave me the little red car, maybe in the … Continue reading The Little Red Car

I’m strong despite living with Anxiety

Social Media can be a devastating destination for many who will encounter the wrong information. Sinister “friends,” or aggressive and opinionated people can cause your more headache than you need. Everyone has a view on life. The experiences you encounter while growing up, your influencers, and acquaintances help you develop the glass color lens to … Continue reading I’m strong despite living with Anxiety


It goes against all reasons, standards, and logic; nevertheless, our heart rises at the thought of it. It’s impossible; it will not last; it’s just a dream on a vivid imagination. Nevertheless, it is what our heart desires. It’s too far, too complicated, too unknown to our little sense of adventure. Nevertheless, we travel with … Continue reading Nevertheless


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