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Tears of Joy Flowed

A familiar scene in my bedroom (don’t get ahead of yourselves) are tears of joy for contestants participating in various shows. My me-time happens in the evening hours after a long day at the office. I like to watch tv for a few hours in the solitude of my spare bedroom. I relax while enjoying … Continue reading Tears of Joy Flowed


Si el destino lo dispone y de esta tierra de incertidumbres me arrebata te dejo esta carta para que te quede de recuerdo. En ella mi corazón relata el agradecimiento del que en este caso te hago objeto. Veo en mi mente la imagen del chamaquito de Jagual corriendo la bicicleta para los encargos ir a buscar. El camino … Continue reading POR SI ME ADELANTO


This time we had to put on our makeup and go out to that scene even if we can’t draw the loved ones as part of the crowd. Break a leg!


Nothing is more selfish than raining on someone’s parade. Not only learn to celebrate others like it is your accomplishment but help them to get there sooner. Anyone who is faithful in the little things will receive his portion in due time. Nada es más egoísta que llover sobre el desfile de alguien. No solo … Continue reading WHILE YOURS MANIFEST!


We can be guilty of hurting innocent people when we make them the target of our anger. I was recently discussing this issue with a young mother in my family. I told her that youth brings with it the energy to engage in unnecessary rivalry and hatred. Maybe, is the hormones in an uproar; who … Continue reading BE FAIR!


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