To Tell or Not to Tell

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to get far, go accompanied” African proverb.

Our society lives under the desire to acquire, to own, and to compete. For some time now, a new interest has developed. To share, exchange, and collaborate in various areas and ideas. Social media makes this latest fashion viable. This post is a great example.

Often, we question ourselves about the pros and cons of sharing our ideas, thoughts, desires, and interests. Remember that others have plowed the way to facilitate your success in a business interest or in any other endeavor you are pursuing. Some people may be afraid that in sharing ideas the opportunity to be recognized will be lost, but that is a long way from reality. The exchange of ideas and knowledge will lead you to discover the diverse options available to expand your ideas or interests. This variety of ideas are found in the reasoning of your collaborators. Everyone will bring their vision and personal experience which are unique.

Benefits of sharing your ideas:

  • Helps your idea to be developed.
  • Allows you the opportunity to give and receive knowledge.
  • Allows you the opportunity to connect with others.
  • Saves you time and effort.
  • Opens your mind to think outside the box.
  • Innovate and expand the concept.
  • The chance to bring your idea to fruition.

Your reasoning and strategies are based on the narrow margin of your personals experiences and the knowledge you gained with them. The same goes for professionals in various areas. No one has all the answers. Everyone can strategize as far as their knowledge. When the diversity of opinions and knowledge collides, they also multiply and expand. Sharing is the key to a broader vision, creation, and execution of your idea.

Things to take in consideration:

  1. Explain your idea clearly, using graphics and any other tools.
  2. Write your idea for clear visualization.
  3. Use all the tools available to make it easy for you to develop your project.
  4. Do not be discouraged by the ups and downs.
  5. Ask, research, and get ready. There is no worse question than the one you don’t ask; cliché, but very true.
  6. Surround yourself with people you trust. They must be ready, willing, and capable to help.
  7. Give yourself time to complete the desired results.
  8. Do not give up unless you have tried every possibility.
  9. Change, modify or let go of the idea if it is bringing negativity and financial hardship to your life.
  10. Start again with another idea if necessary.

The same happens with our emotions. It is equally true that humans feel the need to share. Hence the rise of the various platforms. In the cyber network, you find a diversity of opinions. Some of them can sound illogical and unbalanced, and that is fine. We based our views on our way of reasoning, experiences, and values. We desire to express ourselves. We also need attention. The need to tell our story is part of who we are. We don’t want to cry in solitude. Shared grief is much easier to bear, especially with friends who face life with positivism. It is not rewarding to be accomplished if you do not have someone special with whom you can share it. Has it ever happened to you? I hope not. The kids are very similar. They like to share their first run or bike ride without training wheels. Their first reaction is to celebrate with his peers and then with his parents. Yes, in that order usually.

In short, sharing costs nothing and. it can be of benefit for your life and your projects. When sharing ideas or personal life, be cautious. Do not let everyone in your close circle.  Keep your mind open to their opinions, and reserve the right to execute any project the way it is beneficial to you.

 When talking about your feelings and personal needs, remember:

  1. Some things should only be, shared, with the family. Not everyone will accept your flaws.
  2. Think about whether you can live if your confession becomes public. How will it affect your image?
  3. Ponder about the legal and financial consequences. Get an expert opinion on the matter.
  4. Do not send secrets in writing. You could send it to the wrong person.
  5. Share with the people that share with you as well. It is the biggest test of friendship.

Good luck in your new project, finding someone to share it with, and especially in safeguarding your most precious secrets.

“You are the master of the secrets you keep and a slave of what you share with others.” Sigmund Freud

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