Frank Miranda, A Dream Maker

Frank Miranda

Meet the person who dedicated endless hours and all his skills to make my dream of writing books a reality. Frank is my editor, friend, and compatriot. He left Puerto Rico at an early age, but we share memories of the countryside and the beauty of the prairies and rivers. Above all, we love our people and the stories that are forever etched in our minds. Together we remember the stories that came alive as we share the writing of my books: La Artista y el Guionista and El Fogon de Ruby. I owe Frank my gratitude.

This is what he tells us about his experiences:

The motivation for writing my first book was inspired by the inability to talk in my native language when I immigrated to the United States in my youth. When I became an adult, I realized that by learning the English language I would learn much more and life would be easier.

Being outside my country relegated my native language to the background. I hardly had the opportunity to practice and develop my Spanish language with other Spanish speakers informal conversations. Not wanting to lose my roots led me to study Spanish grammar.

The desire to write my first book arose through experiences acquired through the military. In all assigned departments I had the need to write reports. By writing these reports, I developed a love for writing. I combined my desire to keep my roots with the need to learn the much-needed English language. Having the duty to complete the reports in a language I learned as an adult led me to try to be an expert in this new language that was vital to my professional development.

At the young age of sixteen, I left my homeland, Puerto Rico. My childhood developed in the bosom of an incomplete family. I got to my youth without major events except that I left my island to which I have never returned to stay. I always helped and care for my grandmother and the closest family by running errands to the store. As a young kid, I took the opportunity to run my bike which made the chores more enjoyable. I did not like school as much as I should, but that did not stop me from chasing my dreams.

The lack of paternal and maternal warmth led me to be somewhat insecure and humble. Since I was little, I valued the unconditional love that my grandmother gave me. This love shaped my character and make me become a person with a high level of detachment. Now, I enjoy leading others to dream as I once did. With the opportunity to help others I strive to enrich my style and scope of the lexicon to master the vocabulary. This pushes me to be fully immersed in the versatility of literary projects.

Frank Miranda is a pseudonym he created to expand his style. He has written books on various subjects. His greatest passions are sports, the study of the novel, and reading a variety of subjects. Already feeling fulfilled, he has made his editing skills available to lucky ones like me, he constantly encourages you to edit your own work according to narrative using simple language easy to be understood by all.

Frank Miranda is a man of gentle , and noticeably clear speech. He pays attention to your own ideas and encourages you to share your experiences as you feel them. He is a good editor whose focus is not on changing the meaning of your experiences. I could say that he rather encourages you to be real and honest with your own style. His subtlety and the editing of the works lets you develop, understand, grow, and improve the skill that he knows is within you.

I will live forever grateful for the time, dedication, and care that Frank has devoted to helping me dream while I was still awake. He discovered in me abilities that I did not know I possessed. Thanks, Frank

A song compiled with the town names of our beautiful island.

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