“Nothing lasts forever,” we often say when we are under stress. I’m glad that it is true even when the phrase sounds like a cliché. Would you have envisioned the hard situation turn into a blessing when your tears covered your eyes and you were about to lose your mind?

Thoughts of confusion, feelings of sadness, and deep depression were in the place of celebration. It was painful; no need to fan the flames. It made it almost unbearable. Nights of sorrow and many prayers gave us hope for a positive outcome.

A tender soul opens his eyes to the sun for the first time, but it was too strong to stare. I’m glad today you are strong, your face is now covered with a smile where once was the pain. I praise God that the phrase is not only a cliché but this year is our reality.

Soon we will celebrate the day you came to this world to complete our family. I love you more every day. You look like your father and your grandfather when they were your age, although your hair is red. Keep growing healthy, little fella, the best of you lies ahead.

We will watch you every step and cover you with a blanket of love and prayers that will last for eternity. You are dear to our hearts and a fulfillment of God’s promises that are yes and amen. He changes our sadness into dance and our trial into triumph.

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