When life throws you down and you don’t know where to go, remember there is a reason and let the pain go. You are destined to follow new steps every day, even if the road is rocky and your shoes are giving up.

Don’t feel despair and unfit, not knowing from whom you came to be. It’s only a reason to make you stronger and help you to succeed. Dig deep in your soul and find your worth.

You are created with a purpose unknown to those whom God had chosen to be your earthly parents. They don’t have to stay together or have the same name. They were just the vessel that carried you to this world.

Life could be depending on your willingness to exercise your calling. Find the reason for those you face every day. They are waiting for a word of encouragement, timely advice, and the love that was negated to them.

You may be the only face of God they see in this world. Make your presence be felt and remember you are not a mistake. He created you for a purpose and you are perfect just the way you are to accomplished it!

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