Are you a straight Shooter?

A straight shooter has a variety of definitions (from Your Dictionary): 

1. A person who is honest and forthright.

2. (Idiomatic) A person who is blunt, sometimes to the point of being harsh or offensive.

3. (Informal, recreational drugs) A type of pipe used for smoking cocaine.

I will be Leaving the last definition out of this discussion. I will go straight to the point I want to explore this beautiful autumn day. That is how I like it; it is my trait to be direct when I am conversing with clients, family, and friends.

I never understood why people shy away from speaking the truth. I always thought of myself as a sincere person until someone called me “blunt.” I do not remember been offensive. I just pointed out the lack of responsibility and commitment she had to perform her job. I was her manager; it was my responsibility to ensure things run well. People get defensive; that’s how people defend themselves when they know they are wrong. I admit to having little tolerance for irresponsibility and laziness. There is not only a hand full of excuses to perform poorly in your job.

I understand what it is to hurt physically and emotionally. I didn’t use that as an excuse to perform poorly at my job. I could not do the everyday chores of a housewife or a mother after my stepfather died and I had a crisis for a year. I weighed less than a hundred pounds and was unable to understand life due to my sadness. Being alive turned harder for a while. I endured it without medication and never lost hope. I prayed every morning while pulling weeds off the flower garden. I asked God to have mercy for my kids and me. Speaking about my feelings is something that comes to me quickly. I hope my story may bring hope to someone in the same situation.

I do not hesitate to open-up about subject’s others consider “taboo.” Of course, I do not tell ALL! In life and business, I explain the pros and cons of any situation. If you choose the path of sugar-coating the truth, the results will be bitter, and it will come back to haunt you.
My clients will hear my opinions and recommendations as they ask questions during a transaction. The last decision is their prerogative, and that is fine. It is their investment they will call home until the time comes for them to sell it.

You see! It is important to tell your clients all the details during a transaction or explain those important details to them when they are ready to sell that house again. You better pray they will receive them, or you will be in a sea of trouble. Been open and honest may not make you famous with some, but it will win you respect and recommendations to their personal friends.

These are the exact steps you follow to build your business and get to sleep with no regrets.

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