Children want to be teenagers. Teenagers want to be adults. How do we finish understanding such desires?

Our present is a gift we do not value as such. In winter, we will miss the bright sunny days of Summer and, in the Summer, we will miss the snow. I will miss this moment too.

Just like that, we see time passing by while missing the things we want to have. We sacrifice the ones that stayed beside us because we immerse ourselves with sorrow waiting for the unknown. We are longing for what is to come.

What surprises will come with it? We do not know, yet we want to explore the possibilities. The unknown calls us with an aura of mystery. We hope it is as good as the old times.

We do not value the present; we already possess it. It is just not as impressive as we envisioned the future or remembered the past. This thought happens when the time has taken away the endless possibilities we had in our younger days.

Oh! Time. A traitor that left us short of completing our ambitions. If I only knew then, I will have savored each moment of each day just like when I was little and did not count the days.

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