Stop the excuses…Keep your standards high

There is no doubt. It has been a complicated year all around. Although not in Real Estate sales. This year we already surpassed last year’s income. We are grateful for it. Service to our clients has not been an issue. My husband and I use the mask, and we keep the required distance from our clients. We protect them and ourselves. It is feasible to be safe; our clients do not want to be exposed either.

We have some unique stories. Before the world closed, we went to a national Real Estate conference from our company. It was amazing. We stayed at a hotel within walking distance. No mask, no worries. We came home to find out two vendors contracted the virus. We were not in any classes and only stayed at the vendor fair for a short time. We did our own thing exploring the city and eating at great restaurants nearby. Just before the airports started having restrictions, our buyers, a young military couple, came to town. They founded only one house they liked. We told them to have lunch while we got ready. We planned to meet them at the office later to discuss and sign the offer. We went to the office, but they never showed up to discuss or sign. I got a call from them. We left, they said. They are about to restrict military traveling, and we have to go, they explained. I am happy we got the house under contract. They closed on their beautiful home a month later. We talked on the phone, and they signed the documents electronically.

Working has not been a problem, as you see. It has been challenging to help my mother make payments on her accounts. She is in another state, and all she got when she tried to call these agencies was an automated service. It is confusing for my mother. She couldn’t follow along. During this pandemic, she had two-foot surgeries, and I could not travel to assist her. Traveling to the state she lives in was prohibited at the time. Recently a helper infected her with covid, and she was in the hospital for a week. It was hard for us. She did not get very sick. The tests, the blood samples, and the noise in the room were unbearable, she told us. They use special equipment to suction the air to the outside, and it was loud. She had a terrible time. The treatment for COVID-19 was very painful. She is 82 years old and was very scared. Speaking with other colleagues had been challenging at times. It seems that we have more time but are less responsive to communicate. You can only text so much. It is crucial to discuss important issues over a conversation.

Feels, like some, had taken a license to mediocrity. These serve no one, no their clients, and most of all, my clients. It is a must to be ethical and hold our standards high. During a crisis where our clients need to have a secure shelter in place is especially important. Our homes are our haven. It is where we feel secure during these unprecedented times. Keep the good work. Our first responders are serving with excellence. We, Realtors, should strive to do the same. End of ranting. Sometimes you need to let frustration run wild. We all need a way of decompressing.

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