You can find me today at the Lakehouse. Due to the recent ice and snowstorm, we lost a productive moving-out week. The cars were packed with things to bring over, but we did not know the country roads condition. The snow is almost gone. We just had to shovel the driveway and the front deck. We finally make another run. Today we brought things we are not taking to the new condo we are about to buy.

Moving from a much bigger house has not been easy. The lake house is small, and so is the condo. We are grateful for the unfinished basement, the shed, and the two-car garage. We have many memories to keep. We lack walls to display the mementos from our vacations. Everything should look neat, and we are trying to find the right way to show every item. My eyes are full of tears while I am placing things in order.

My husband understands my nature, and he decided to put some of our pictures on the unfinished basement walls. Look at this; he shouted when I was organizing the main floor. I went to see what he was doing. It was a beautiful surprise to see our pictures on the wall. In the basement, we also have some of his mom’s furniture, old toys, and school pictures.

The house looks a little full. Our house, in particular, holds feelings and beautiful memories. The kids are grown; they are married, and two of them have kids. We want to keep some of their memories and ours. The souvenirs in themselves are not necessary; they transport us to a place and time in the past what adds value. We have also added art from my late brother-in-law and the things the previous owners left behind, just as I promised to do.

This little house feels like home; it feels like happiness. I cannot wait for the summer to spend time with the family. It is much nicer to be outside. Family is what my life is all about. I pray that one day the kids keep some of the things that may remind them of us. I know they will have a box or two I will leave behind with their name on it. It will be full of pictures and some toys from when they were little. I gave them some already, and they appreciated that I kept them.

The kids, the grandkids we have, and the ones that are on the way will use the same blankets and toys. It fulfills the heart of this Abuela. My husband and I will grow older in these two houses; for now, one day, we may have to go back to the city permanently. We are excited to come to the lake house and spend time. It is a beautiful place. I am blessed to have the unforgettable memories that make us FAMILY!

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