Love Alarm vs Love Shield

A love alarm app works as easy as letting you know that someone within a radius of distance has a romantic interest in you. If you are lucky enough, you will ring his/her alarm back. Installing this app sounds easy and uncomplicated for the fortunate ones whose alarms go off often.

No one could imagine that not everyone will partake in such enjoyment. Life turns highly challenging when rejection is displayed publicly. Been alive should be easy to navigate, but that is hardly the case.

Often people fall in and out of love without major complications whether both alarms go off or not. There is no way to know if we are genuinely interested in each other. We don’t take time to look for the compatibility, likes, and wants of each other.

After all the floating hormones settle down, the truth emerges. We have little in common; we do not share the same plans for the future, etc. The reality is not easy to accept, and therefore, we do not learn; we keep experimenting.

In each fail attempt, our personality changes. We start suffering from a lack of trust; we are a little more cynical or plain out broken and easy to manipulate.

If we could only install a shield, no one will know our true feelings. We would have the upper hand. Sounds good until we realize we have no way to prove to our significant other that we love them back. Sheltering your emotions could become a fake façade of who you are and the true meaning of your words.

We should let our guard down on some occasions. At least you will know that you gave your all. Rejection is not necessarily an image of you; it could easily be a lack of compatibility or interest. We tend to take the thing to heart and develop feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem.

Do not allow yourself to be concerned by the opinions others may have of you. Chin up and remember that God created you for a divine purpose. God will move and remove anything that hinders your advance in your God-given destiny.

Subject from “The Love Alarm” a Korean series

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