Your baby girl, needs you to tell her that she is beautiful

Precious is the face of a baby girl. She glimpses at you, looking for a smile, an expression of love. In your arms, the little angel feels secured, protected, and invincible, at least for the first few years. She walks and runs with no worries at all, even dust herself with grace after she falls. Daddy is by her side, cheering her to get up. Daddy’s voice is the one she trusts the most. He will never guide her wrong.

Girls belong to the dads, everyone says, and even if they don’t, his approval means the world to whom soon will be a young woman facing college away from home. She will take with her all the praises and hugs she collected through the younger years. Those praises will keep her encouraged. She will not easily fall for misguided ones that could hurt her soul.

Daddy’s girl will never forget how warm and unconditional directions allow her to move forward without hesitation. Sincere praises, words of wisdom, and lots of love will cover her until one day she finds the one who deserves that she tear down the protection walls daddy helps her build because he loves her so much.


“Don’t wait for your daughters to seek approval in the wrong places. It would be best if you also did the same for your boys.”

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