Life Loneliness is a Fact

I’ll exit this world eventually but not before I leave behind written wishes always playing on my head. Somehow I started to lose hope of having family a little bit closer.

You may find me obsessive, intrusive perhaps, but it’s just the need to have a family I always had. I was a lonely girl; I felt like an outcast. I was misunderstood, perhaps?

I can’t explain the reasons, but it made me want to be from your adult life, part. I finally understood you need your space! I give up! I will walk away until you want me back.

Will it be too late? Will it no matter then? Will I be gone before you realize my heart is broken and very sad? You don’t have time for me.

You have your own life to live. I know. I probably made my mom feel this way when I was young. Forgive me for needing you so much, for worrying about you like when you were a child. I may look strong, no I’m not.

It’s just a façade that protected me from the lack of acceptance I received once. I wanted to compensate in you for what I was missing throughout the first part of my life. I recently realized it. I was wrong. We all have to live a life of our own.

May you always walk strong, and may your children stay close to you, so you never feel alone.

Have you ever felt alone? I have…!

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