Appearances can be mistaken!

Give into your heart’s desires at least once!

I learned long ago how to eat properly. Back home I had a great mentor who took the time in teaching this country girl, table manners. I will be forever grateful.

I learned how to eat amazing and diverse food. From the shak at the beach, the small bar/restaurants at el Yunque Rain Forest to the amazing and more elegant restaurants around the island.

I visited places around and center through windy roads adorned by the must beautiful green vegetation I had ever seeing. The sites along the way are of a small paradise. Beaches with clear blue water and people talking and eating alcapurrias and bacalaitos. Their laughter and smiles are proof that they are having a good time.

I got to also enjoy can can pork chops and even escargot at La Casona in San Juan. I love the island cuisine. I find visiting places in the mainland, that Puerto Ricans have their own touch (season) at cooking different dishes. Just ask anyone if they have found Chinese fried rice in the states with the same flavor as back home?

Now, every once in a while there is nothing more satisfying than eating a snack using your fingers. It simply tastes different ~for me at least! I will rather have pulpo en escabeche but this will do! Enjoy life and make your heart content at the same time!

Thanks to my friend now in heaven, you are gone but never forgotten!
If you want to visit the country site in San Lorenzo, here is an option. You will find all kind of delicious food. It offers a place you can rent (AirbnB) right beside it!

I’m Not Giving Up

When hope leaves my soul I don’t know where to turn. I search high and low to find a reason not to give up. I rehearse the life stories and the circumstances that brought me to this place.

I can’t go back and change a thing, there are no even a remote possibility. I think, I dream and never find a way to turn time around. Where has life taking me? I can’t reconcile my reality with the dreams I had as kid.

I look across my window and see the farm, the pond, the cows even a donkey is running around. All is so far from the memories I had of my fathers farm in Puerto Rico. I’m feeling lonely, broken, sad and confuse at times.

Why life didn’t keep us together? Why everyone scattered to diverse places. Holidays perhaps reunite us for a little while. I want to let go, I want to give up. Help me Lord to find a reason, to wait for a change of the season.

I trust you will make come to pass every spoken word over my life when I was down in the ground looking up to the cross. I will not give up today, I will hold on as long as you keep me strong and hold me with your right hand.