2021 you have been a crazy ride so far. The Real Estate market is extremely competitive. Housing prices are rising by the minute, and we are confronting a shortage of houses for sale. Ten offers on one home for sale are as common as coffee in the morning.

It is a stampede of buyers looking for a place to feel safe. Too much uncertainty about vacations has motivated people to concentrate on finding a comfortable place to be. I am no different, I ended the year buying a lake house, and today I posted my four-bedroom home for sale. I also have a contract on a brand-new townhouse that has much less upkeep.

It is much easier to escape to the countryside if you do not have two yards to mow. Hey, this madness is contagious. I have the challenge to find homes for civilian and military clients currently deployed overseas. God help us. We have limited options and set budgets to accommodate the strict demands of the sellers.

No closing costs paid by the seller and over asking price is what it takes to buy a home these days. I just lost a deal today, meaning that I will have to go out to find another house. Well, guess what? My buyer decided to buy my house.

We are under contract. Soon I will downgrade my spacious home for a brand-new two bedrooms townhouse. Today the madness is under control until my soldiers get back to town. For this and other blessings, I am grateful. Good night.

Nature is as hopeful as we are!

My flowers are ready to see the sun!

I am outside warming up by the fire. Unexpectedly I glance over the flowers wanting to greet 2021 before their time. They are ready to see what the new year will bring, just like the rest of us.

Oh, Lord! Bring us with the Spring season quickly approaching the bright colors and take away all our sorrows. Our hope is not in the vaccine is in the blood of the Lamb that washes our sins and covers all of us with love and long life.

My take on Mulan

What a great story, and how much truth I found in the movie Mulan. I will not narrate the scenes in detail because I will like for you to see them and enjoy them as much as I did, twice.

In the movie, Mulan exhibits her gift and talents to the ones closest to her. Soon she finds out they do not understand nor celebrate them. People have a preconceived notion of who you are and what you should do or accomplished in life according to your family pedigree, origin, or status.

Despite sadness and heartaches, she longs to pursue her destiny. In her gifts and talents, she found her sell fulfilled and content. Her father fails to recognize her calling to a vast extent. Meanwhile, he celebrates her talent while worried about the opinion of the villagers.

In one of the scenes, he said, I am blessed with two daughters. It made me tear up. The father’s blessings are important, and we must seek to get them before it is too late. It will cover and propel you to your assignment. The father recognized she made a mistake leaving the traditions and customs but never took the blessing back.

Your gift will make room for you to express it. Even if you are afraid, remember, there is no courage without fear. The witches and dark forces will offer your adversaries your blood to gain favor. Be careful with whom you are seeking favor. They will eventually turn on you as well. In your journey, you will find set traps for you to fail. Many would like to see you on your knees in shame.

The wise use the enemy’s weapons in their favor to succeed. The people that belief in you will cheer you up and will always have your back. They will open a path and protect you while you pursue your destiny. They do not care to risk their life for yours. Even the very dark forces will have to surrender to your purpose and calling.

Raise like the Phoenix. Say your real name out loud. Do not be ashamed of yourself. You are more than enough. You are brave, smart, and called for a purpose. When you feel accomplished, do not forget where you came from and the people who made you who you are.

Remember your parents and ask for forgiveness even when you obtain glory and applause of the multitudes. Your ways were not their ways, and it was hard for them to accept it. They will be happy about your accomplishments, no matter what. You just got them by surprise. Virtues to remember and live by Loyalty, Bravery, Truth, and Devotion to your family.

How do you pick up the pieces?

Watching the bachelorette (don’t judge) I, realize that it is not easy to mend a broken heart. Where do you find the broken pieces if you don’t know where to start? Those missing parts of our hearts got scattered in the places where we said our goodbyes.

Will they be in the mountains or maybe in the valleys of your homeland? Some fragments may be in a nation you visited only once. If only you could follow the trail of tears, the journey would not be so hard. What if you don’t find all the pieces, or if they are no longer intact?

Your heart will never be as complete as before someone crushed the feelings you held inside. What would happen then? Would a broken heart love with the same strength and trust? Or your feelings will now be subpart. Some are incapable of giving you what they never had. Those feelings of selflessness and true love are strange to some.

How can they measure unconditional love when they don’t have a reference to start? We all want to love without reservation and would like to express our most sincere feelings without holding back. Some cannot help hurting you. They are not responsible, do not blame them is just that their heart is no longer whole.


It was at 11:29 pm on New Year’s Eve; our aunt messaged me to say you were gone. She finally found out. It was many phone call and messages from all over the country and Puerto Rico.

I am heartbroken and could not stop crying on New Year’s Day. I do not know where to start or how to make this letter make sense. I lose the trend of thoughts when I stop writing to wipe the tears from my eyes. You will never know I was asking for you for the past year.

No one seemed to know much of your life since you left our home. It was not the best time in our life when you left without saying goodbye. Very contrary to your arrival when we went to pick you up at the airport.

It took time to healed from the way things went down in my town. We loved having you around. Believe me, please. The vacation we took together to Universal Studios was great. Remember? My little five-year-old jumped in the pool. I am so glad you knew how to swim. Sorry about your wet cigarettes.

We built a small business and had many plans for you to thrive and stay with us. The dreams do not come together often. I understand it now. I wanted to get ahold of you to tell you how much I care about you and how sorry I am. I did not know where to call you, and I don’t remember you reaching out.

Did you ever forgive me? I hope you did. I can not tell you face to face, not even over the phone. Oh! It hurts so much. I finally talked to your sister, my dear cousin. No one knew you had died a month ago. We all were speechless, sad, confused, and a little angry. No one told this side of the family. How can I send this message to the universe? You had a great mind. Can you place an idea on how to reach you in my head?


I am screaming to the universe. I want you to know these things. Did I wait too long? I know you had pain and trust issues in your heart. I do not know who put them there but know that we, The García family loved you. You are our blood. You were not different than any on this side of the family. We all have our insecurities. You just wore them all in your heart.

Please, help me to stop crying. I can not finish what I needed to say to you today. I know there is more in my heart I need to break for tonight. I need to sleep. My eyes got swollen after crying so much. I will tell you more when I can think better. Today it is just hard. Tell my aunt, your mom, and my other aunts that we love them too. Tell Abuela and Abuelo we miss them; if you happen to see my father, brother, sister, and the rest of the family, hello from us. We think and love all of them, and now we miss YOU.

Deseos de paz, amor y esperanza

A penas me fijé en mi calendario para concertar una cita. Me quede sorprendida al ver que se acerca la tan añorada despedida. Todos queremos dejar ir a un año que trajo tanto llanto y por lo que oímos nada ha cambiado como para darnos una mejor esperanza.

Los casos se multiplican como la nieve en medio del invierno cruel que aumenta la facilidad de contagio sin que lo podamos detener. Seguimos trabajando día a día sin detenernos, porque la vida continua pese a las agonías. Se leen en todos los medios la esperanza de un mundo sediento de un año sin tanto confinamiento.

Los niños como mis nietos están deseosos de volver a la escuela. Se les nota el aburrimiento de tomar clases en la sala. Desean compartir con sus compañeros mientras crean memorias que los unirán toda una vida. Todos recordamos los años escolares de los cuales aún conservamos las fotos. Tengo la esperanza de que pronto ellos también tengan la oportunidad de crear lo que la vida por un momento les ha quitado.

Deseo que todos celebren en familia y que la vida les traiga las alegrías que les tiene reservada el único que puede cambiar el panorama de nuestra vida. Que Dios esté en sus hogares y aún más en su corazón, al final de este año a pesar de la conmoción. Que brille para toda la luz que emana de la esperanza que está en Cristo Nuestro Señor.

Feliz Año Nuevo 2021

Time to rest and enjoy the view

It was a hectic few days. I am glad the holidays are almost over. Buying gifts for everyone was not easy. I have grandkids ranging from one year to fifteen. I cooked, we exchanged gifts. There was a lot of laughter and good eating. We celebrate every year on December 24. Having a house full of babies running around is priceless. I feel very blessed. On Christmas Day, we drove to the lake house. It was a cold day. Today is beautiful, and my husband and I went for a walk. Here are some pictures of the view we enjoyed. I hope your Christmas Day was as beautiful as mine.