Some days are intolerable, and I struggle to keep my head above water.
The weather forecast is not promising, and the cabin fever is overtaking my emotions.
How do you battle the thoughts in your head? Those thoughts are not your reality. They are only lies determined to overpower you.

When the thoughts are more potent than your willingness to see them as what they are, fake, they can take you into a dark tunnel. Feed your mind with encouraging words from a good book or the Word of God before you spiral into a never-ending rollercoaster ride.

This thought will subside when the sun is out, and you get to resume life. If you can not find your way back to reality, seek help before it is too late. Decisions made during these trial times could be irrevocable. Speak to that thought with authority and keep them under your feet. They are not more powerful than the Spirit that lives inside you.

Call to the Lord in prayer, and don’t give up hope. These hard times will not last forever. Christ died to assure that in Him, you are victorious. Claim your victory and shut down confusion and doubt now.

Here are some ideas you can do to help improve your mood.

Seek professional help if sadness starts to interfere with your everyday life.

  • Go for a walk, or go shopping. A combination of both will be great.
  • Get out and enjoy the sunlight as much as possible.
  • Don’t isolate yourself. Talk to a trusted friend.
  • Keep a healthy diet.
  • Wait, confident that you will be better. It takes time to get out of a depression episode.
  • If you have thoughts of suicide, Call the toll-free National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

You are not alone; help is a call away. There is no shame in reaching out for help.


2021 you have been a crazy ride so far. The Real Estate market is extremely competitive. Housing prices are rising by the minute, and we are confronting a shortage of houses for sale. Ten offers on one home for sale are as common as coffee in the morning.

It is a stampede of buyers looking for a place to feel safe. Too much uncertainty about vacations has motivated people to concentrate on finding a comfortable place to be. I am no different, I ended the year buying a lake house, and today I posted my four-bedroom home for sale. I also have a contract on a brand-new townhouse that has much less upkeep.

It is much easier to escape to the countryside if you do not have two yards to mow. Hey, this madness is contagious. I have the challenge to find homes for civilian and military clients currently deployed overseas. God help us. We have limited options and set budgets to accommodate the strict demands of the sellers.

No closing costs paid by the seller and over asking price is what it takes to buy a home these days. I just lost a deal today, meaning that I will have to go out to find another house. Well, guess what? My buyer decided to buy my house.

We are under contract. Soon I will downgrade my spacious home for a brand-new two bedrooms townhouse. Today the madness is under control until my soldiers get back to town. For this and other blessings, I am grateful. Good night.

Nature is as hopeful as we are!

My flowers are ready to see the sun!

I am outside warming up by the fire. Unexpectedly I glance over the flowers wanting to greet 2021 before their time. They are ready to see what the new year will bring, just like the rest of us.

Oh, Lord! Bring us with the Spring season quickly approaching the bright colors and take away all our sorrows. Our hope is not in the vaccine is in the blood of the Lamb that washes our sins and covers all of us with love and long life.

Deseos de paz, amor y esperanza

A penas me fijé en mi calendario para concertar una cita. Me quede sorprendida al ver que se acerca la tan añorada despedida. Todos queremos dejar ir a un año que trajo tanto llanto y por lo que oímos nada ha cambiado como para darnos una mejor esperanza.

Los casos se multiplican como la nieve en medio del invierno cruel que aumenta la facilidad de contagio sin que lo podamos detener. Seguimos trabajando día a día sin detenernos, porque la vida continua pese a las agonías. Se leen en todos los medios la esperanza de un mundo sediento de un año sin tanto confinamiento.

Los niños como mis nietos están deseosos de volver a la escuela. Se les nota el aburrimiento de tomar clases en la sala. Desean compartir con sus compañeros mientras crean memorias que los unirán toda una vida. Todos recordamos los años escolares de los cuales aún conservamos las fotos. Tengo la esperanza de que pronto ellos también tengan la oportunidad de crear lo que la vida por un momento les ha quitado.

Deseo que todos celebren en familia y que la vida les traiga las alegrías que les tiene reservada el único que puede cambiar el panorama de nuestra vida. Que Dios esté en sus hogares y aún más en su corazón, al final de este año a pesar de la conmoción. Que brille para toda la luz que emana de la esperanza que está en Cristo Nuestro Señor.

Feliz Año Nuevo 2021

Time to rest and enjoy the view

It was a hectic few days. I am glad the holidays are almost over. Buying gifts for everyone was not easy. I have grandkids ranging from one year to fifteen. I cooked, we exchanged gifts. There was a lot of laughter and good eating. We celebrate every year on December 24. Having a house full of babies running around is priceless. I feel very blessed. On Christmas Day, we drove to the lake house. It was a cold day. Today is beautiful, and my husband and I went for a walk. Here are some pictures of the view we enjoyed. I hope your Christmas Day was as beautiful as mine.


My painting

A gift offered to us over two to thousand years ago is like no other we can dream or desire in our minds. Selfless is the God who became a man for you, me, and all of us.

Humble like no other, he was born on a manger. No one had a vacancy in their homes for the most obedient family that history has ever known. They responded without hesitation when the Lord chose them for such an invitation.

Surrounded by sheep keepers, baby Jesus came into this world to save humanity from self-destruction. He was expected by many that could not understand the signs speaking of his miraculous arrival.

The Magi’s understood when they saw the star because they were anxiously seeking and waiting for the King of Kings’ birth. The Wise Man came and honored the most royal of them all. They brought gold as a symbol of kingship on earth, frankincense as a symbol of deity, and myrrh as a symbol of death. All the presents spoke of his earthly calling and his purpose to bring redemption to humanity.

Let us be vigilant to the signs happening in this world. We need to be prepared to see Jesus coming back to rescue us once again. He gave us a gift you can’t find in the stores near or far. You can only receive it if you believe in Him with all your heart.

Holding back is a vicious cycle

If maturity had come earlier, we all would have spoken our hearts sooner than later. We were shy, too insecure, or afraid of a dismissive reaction. We should have told someone, thank you, I love you, or I need you before it was too late. Instead, we grow older with those feelings hidden in our minds. I often think about what my unspoken words would have changed.

Maybe someone was waiting to know how I felt before taking a step closer. It is common in family dynamics. Everyone is guarding the heart against unnecessary pain, especially when we are young and don’t know how to open up about these matters of the heart. So many years lost is a tragedy.

We suppose we are the only ones afraid. I know that is not the case. I hope, is not too late for this message to reach someone in need of encouragement, no matter the age. Those lost opportunities prick our minds like a knife in the heart. No more chances are near or far.
Those we once loved then are not here, maybe, not even alive.

Lost opportunities to extend feelings we buried inside, worried about a cynical reaction. We live wondering if they ever knew how we feel. I know in my case, I feared rejection. Perhaps that’s why I always walked with a stern face, looking more secure than I am.

Maybe I gave them reasons to keep me at a distance. That was far from my desire. And so, it is that everyone has a misconception of the truth that only resides in you. I believe that’s why these types of writings are my favorite.

I’m trying to send a message to the Universe in the hope it reaches some corners of the world, or even the heaven where I know are some of those I miss and love dearly. Even if I never told them.


While painting this picture yesterday, I had some challenges that made me reflect on a few things. I believe that I was trying to copy the inspiration painting to perfection. I wanted the same details, a similar distance between the trees and the water. I also wanted to add a landmass to place the cabin and a campfire in the woods. Well, the campfire did not fit! That is when I started thinking about this subject.

We should not attempt to copy the life of others step by step. Life does not work like that. We have our sphere of influence, reach, and space to occupy. Our lives are not like any others. Recognize, be happy for others, and strive to do as good as your potential allows you.

Don’t hesitate to push yourselves to explore and develop your unique talents beyond your mental limitations. Prepare for mistakes along the way. Do not get discouraged. You can always regroup and start the process all over again to find the desired success.

I painted too much landmass in this painting. It required me to wipe half of it with soap and water. I also use acetone to get rid of the impurities left behind by the darker colors. Sometimes you are trapped, and the mistakes you made in your life are hard to remediate. Just like in this painting.

Do not lose heart. Remember that over two thousand years ago, someone paid the ultimate price for you to have hope. There is nothing or no one else that can give you a clean slate to start from afresh. Forgive yourself and anyone that crossed your path and hurt your heart.

That is the best medicine to get your soul ready as a new canvas. Be in the best position to paint a pretty picture of your desires and watch them become a reality.

Happy life and happy painting.

El dolor que produce frutos

Cuando el dolor no cambia la pureza de tu corazón produce resultados extraordinarios. El dolor es como el buen fertilizante. Él cuenta con el balance de vitaminas y minerales necesarios para producir frutos aun cuando plantas en tierras áridas.

Quizás la cosecha no llegue en la primavera ni tampoco en el otoño, pero con suerte llegará en el invierno cuando nadie la espera.

El dolor que guarda dentro de sí el amor a la posibilidad de una reconciliación cambia el corazón ajeno. No dejes de regarlo o sacar las yerbas que crecen alrededor. Ellas quieren ahogar la cosecha que ya está por germinar.

Saca los abrojos con cuidado no sea que con ellos lastimes lo lindo de aquello que has plantado. Regocíjate cuando veas la semilla brotar, ella mira hacia arriba de dónde proviene la vida. Alza tus ojos a la misma dirección y dale gracias al creador que restauró y una vez más unió en amor a tu linda familia.

Es que todo aquel que espera tendrá su recompensa. Enhorabuena, llegarán las alegrías para enjugar tus lágrimas. Obtendrás la recompensa que un día esperaste con calma.

Porque todo tiene un tiempo debajo del sol. Y todo en su tiempo el Señor lo hace perfecto.

Stop the excuses…Keep your standards high

There is no doubt. It has been a complicated year all around. Although not in Real Estate sales. This year we already surpassed last year’s income. We are grateful for it. Service to our clients has not been an issue. My husband and I use the mask, and we keep the required distance from our clients. We protect them and ourselves. It is feasible to be safe; our clients do not want to be exposed either.

We have some unique stories. Before the world closed, we went to a national Real Estate conference from our company. It was amazing. We stayed at a hotel within walking distance. No mask, no worries. We came home to find out two vendors contracted the virus. We were not in any classes and only stayed at the vendor fair for a short time. We did our own thing exploring the city and eating at great restaurants nearby. Just before the airports started having restrictions, our buyers, a young military couple, came to town. They founded only one house they liked. We told them to have lunch while we got ready. We planned to meet them at the office later to discuss and sign the offer. We went to the office, but they never showed up to discuss or sign. I got a call from them. We left, they said. They are about to restrict military traveling, and we have to go, they explained. I am happy we got the house under contract. They closed on their beautiful home a month later. We talked on the phone, and they signed the documents electronically.

Working has not been a problem, as you see. It has been challenging to help my mother make payments on her accounts. She is in another state, and all she got when she tried to call these agencies was an automated service. It is confusing for my mother. She couldn’t follow along. During this pandemic, she had two-foot surgeries, and I could not travel to assist her. Traveling to the state she lives in was prohibited at the time. Recently a helper infected her with covid, and she was in the hospital for a week. It was hard for us. She did not get very sick. The tests, the blood samples, and the noise in the room were unbearable, she told us. They use special equipment to suction the air to the outside, and it was loud. She had a terrible time. The treatment for COVID-19 was very painful. She is 82 years old and was very scared. Speaking with other colleagues had been challenging at times. It seems that we have more time but are less responsive to communicate. You can only text so much. It is crucial to discuss important issues over a conversation.

Feels, like some, had taken a license to mediocrity. These serve no one, no their clients, and most of all, my clients. It is a must to be ethical and hold our standards high. During a crisis where our clients need to have a secure shelter in place is especially important. Our homes are our haven. It is where we feel secure during these unprecedented times. Keep the good work. Our first responders are serving with excellence. We, Realtors, should strive to do the same. End of ranting. Sometimes you need to let frustration run wild. We all need a way of decompressing.