My take on Mulan

What a great story, and how much truth I found in the movie Mulan. I will not narrate the scenes in detail because I will like for you to see them and enjoy them as much as I did, twice.

In the movie, Mulan exhibits her gift and talents to the ones closest to her. Soon she finds out they do not understand nor celebrate them. People have a preconceived notion of who you are and what you should do or accomplished in life according to your family pedigree, origin, or status.

Despite sadness and heartaches, she longs to pursue her destiny. In her gifts and talents, she found her sell fulfilled and content. Her father fails to recognize her calling to a vast extent. Meanwhile, he celebrates her talent while worried about the opinion of the villagers.

In one of the scenes, he said, I am blessed with two daughters. It made me tear up. The father’s blessings are important, and we must seek to get them before it is too late. It will cover and propel you to your assignment. The father recognized she made a mistake leaving the traditions and customs but never took the blessing back.

Your gift will make room for you to express it. Even if you are afraid, remember, there is no courage without fear. The witches and dark forces will offer your adversaries your blood to gain favor. Be careful with whom you are seeking favor. They will eventually turn on you as well. In your journey, you will find set traps for you to fail. Many would like to see you on your knees in shame.

The wise use the enemy’s weapons in their favor to succeed. The people that belief in you will cheer you up and will always have your back. They will open a path and protect you while you pursue your destiny. They do not care to risk their life for yours. Even the very dark forces will have to surrender to your purpose and calling.

Raise like the Phoenix. Say your real name out loud. Do not be ashamed of yourself. You are more than enough. You are brave, smart, and called for a purpose. When you feel accomplished, do not forget where you came from and the people who made you who you are.

Remember your parents and ask for forgiveness even when you obtain glory and applause of the multitudes. Your ways were not their ways, and it was hard for them to accept it. They will be happy about your accomplishments, no matter what. You just got them by surprise. Virtues to remember and live by Loyalty, Bravery, Truth, and Devotion to your family.