Grieving is a slow process to complete. Losing someone hurts deep and takes time to heal. Natural wounds healing is a process you can pamper and help speed along. It is not the same process when you are grieving from the loss of someone you love.

Last night I had a dream with you. It was a very vivid picture in my mind when I woke up this morning. I saw you in the casket, resting peacefully. I believed in my heart that through prayer, you would come alive again. In the dream, you did as a beautiful baby. The beautiful baby was dress in white. He was full of life and splendor. Soon the baby grew, and I saw you. Just as young and handsome as ever. I was so happy to see you again. I could feel the love and the peace you were experiencing.

This morning I woke up and soon realized you are gone. I had a hard time understanding the way I felt this morning. I was sad, then hopeful. I miss your smile. I miss you, and I miss the way you make me feel important. I will never see you again on this earth. I am having a hard time, and I do not know if I should tell someone. Maybe I will make them as sad as I am. I am crying again. I did not cry thinking about you during the day. I waited until the day was over and, I can talk to you in private.

I want to tell you again how sad I am and how much I miss you. I know you are resting in God’s arms. Young, happy, and healed of all infirmities. I cannot wait to see you whole for the first time. I don’t remember knowing you without all the demons you were fighting. I guess I have no option but to thank God for giving you peace, finally.

In John 3:7, the bible says, “Do not marvel that I said to you, “You must be born again.” I got to see you get baptized in the water. What a privilege and comfort that is to my heart. I will keep the faith and, one day, I will see you again. Until then, I will praise God for your salvation.
That was the dream. You were born again, and now you are whole in heaven. God has a way to speak to us and, for that, I am thankful.

My take on Mulan

What a great story, and how much truth I found in the movie Mulan. I will not narrate the scenes in detail because I will like for you to see them and enjoy them as much as I did, twice.

In the movie, Mulan exhibits her gift and talents to the ones closest to her. Soon she finds out they do not understand nor celebrate them. People have a preconceived notion of who you are and what you should do or accomplished in life according to your family pedigree, origin, or status.

Despite sadness and heartaches, she longs to pursue her destiny. In her gifts and talents, she found her sell fulfilled and content. Her father fails to recognize her calling to a vast extent. Meanwhile, he celebrates her talent while worried about the opinion of the villagers.

In one of the scenes, he said, I am blessed with two daughters. It made me tear up. The father’s blessings are important, and we must seek to get them before it is too late. It will cover and propel you to your assignment. The father recognized she made a mistake leaving the traditions and customs but never took the blessing back.

Your gift will make room for you to express it. Even if you are afraid, remember, there is no courage without fear. The witches and dark forces will offer your adversaries your blood to gain favor. Be careful with whom you are seeking favor. They will eventually turn on you as well. In your journey, you will find set traps for you to fail. Many would like to see you on your knees in shame.

The wise use the enemy’s weapons in their favor to succeed. The people that belief in you will cheer you up and will always have your back. They will open a path and protect you while you pursue your destiny. They do not care to risk their life for yours. Even the very dark forces will have to surrender to your purpose and calling.

Raise like the Phoenix. Say your real name out loud. Do not be ashamed of yourself. You are more than enough. You are brave, smart, and called for a purpose. When you feel accomplished, do not forget where you came from and the people who made you who you are.

Remember your parents and ask for forgiveness even when you obtain glory and applause of the multitudes. Your ways were not their ways, and it was hard for them to accept it. They will be happy about your accomplishments, no matter what. You just got them by surprise. Virtues to remember and live by Loyalty, Bravery, Truth, and Devotion to your family.

Holding back is a vicious cycle

If maturity had come earlier, we all would have spoken our hearts sooner than later. We were shy, too insecure, or afraid of a dismissive reaction. We should have told someone, thank you, I love you, or I need you before it was too late. Instead, we grow older with those feelings hidden in our minds. I often think about what my unspoken words would have changed.

Maybe someone was waiting to know how I felt before taking a step closer. It is common in family dynamics. Everyone is guarding the heart against unnecessary pain, especially when we are young and don’t know how to open up about these matters of the heart. So many years lost is a tragedy.

We suppose we are the only ones afraid. I know that is not the case. I hope, is not too late for this message to reach someone in need of encouragement, no matter the age. Those lost opportunities prick our minds like a knife in the heart. No more chances are near or far.
Those we once loved then are not here, maybe, not even alive.

Lost opportunities to extend feelings we buried inside, worried about a cynical reaction. We live wondering if they ever knew how we feel. I know in my case, I feared rejection. Perhaps that’s why I always walked with a stern face, looking more secure than I am.

Maybe I gave them reasons to keep me at a distance. That was far from my desire. And so, it is that everyone has a misconception of the truth that only resides in you. I believe that’s why these types of writings are my favorite.

I’m trying to send a message to the Universe in the hope it reaches some corners of the world, or even the heaven where I know are some of those I miss and love dearly. Even if I never told them.


“Nothing lasts forever,” we often say when we are under stress. I’m glad that it is true even when the phrase sounds like a cliché. Would you have envisioned the hard situation turn into a blessing when your tears covered your eyes and you were about to lose your mind?

Thoughts of confusion, feelings of sadness, and deep depression were in the place of celebration. It was painful; no need to fan the flames. It made it almost unbearable. Nights of sorrow and many prayers gave us hope for a positive outcome.

A tender soul opens his eyes to the sun for the first time, but it was too strong to stare. I’m glad today you are strong, your face is now covered with a smile where once was the pain. I praise God that the phrase is not only a cliché but this year is our reality.

Soon we will celebrate the day you came to this world to complete our family. I love you more every day. You look like your father and your grandfather when they were your age, although your hair is red. Keep growing healthy, little fella, the best of you lies ahead.

We will watch you every step and cover you with a blanket of love and prayers that will last for eternity. You are dear to our hearts and a fulfillment of God’s promises that are yes and amen. He changes our sadness into dance and our trial into triumph.