I find myself watching the Oscars countdown this afternoon. I ran to the kitchen to get myself a warm bag of freshly made popcorn to get in the mood. Popcorn is one of those snacks I don’t like much, but it seemed appropriate this afternoon. I noticed how fast I was eating the extra small bag.

I asked myself, What’s the hurry? At that pace, I will have nothing left in the first five minutes of the show. I realized I was eager to find those pieces I like best. Some of the florets are soft, but others, very few of them are crunchy, little more burned. The flavor, shape, and texture are different. It makes me correlate my not so extraordinary pop corn-eating experience with the comments of the show.

We have experienced a lot of changes lately. It’s been a powerful movement for equality and opportunities. Voices denouncing abuse in the workplace have touched many sectors. From Hollywood to Bollywood, from Corporate America to Good Morning America, from Univision to Galavision, platforms allowed and or broadcasted thousand of voices to express their discontent.

There is a momentum around the world, the social injustice and workplace abuse we will not tolerate; our voices will not be silent ever again. We are one race even if we have a different shape, color, flavor, or even different texture attributes like my bag of popcorn.