I find myself watching the Oscars countdown this afternoon. I ran to the kitchen to get myself a warm bag of freshly made popcorn to get in the mood. Popcorn is one of those snacks I don’t like much, but it seemed appropriate this afternoon. I noticed how fast I was eating the extra small bag.

I asked myself, What’s the hurry? At that pace, I will have nothing left in the first five minutes of the show. I realized I was eager to find those pieces I like best. Some of the florets are soft, but others, very few of them are crunchy, little more burned. The flavor, shape, and texture are different. It makes me correlate my not so extraordinary pop corn-eating experience with the comments of the show.

We have experienced a lot of changes lately. It’s been a powerful movement for equality and opportunities. Voices denouncing abuse in the workplace have touched many sectors. From Hollywood to Bollywood, from Corporate America to Good Morning America, from Univision to Galavision, platforms allowed and or broadcasted thousand of voices to express their discontent.

There is a momentum around the world, the social injustice and workplace abuse we will not tolerate; our voices will not be silent ever again. We are one race even if we have a different shape, color, flavor, or even different texture attributes like my bag of popcorn.


Some days are intolerable, and I struggle to keep my head above water.
The weather forecast is not promising, and the cabin fever is overtaking my emotions.
How do you battle the thoughts in your head? Those thoughts are not your reality. They are only lies determined to overpower you.

When the thoughts are more potent than your willingness to see them as what they are, fake, they can take you into a dark tunnel. Feed your mind with encouraging words from a good book or the Word of God before you spiral into a never-ending rollercoaster ride.

This thought will subside when the sun is out, and you get to resume life. If you can not find your way back to reality, seek help before it is too late. Decisions made during these trial times could be irrevocable. Speak to that thought with authority and keep them under your feet. They are not more powerful than the Spirit that lives inside you.

Call to the Lord in prayer, and don’t give up hope. These hard times will not last forever. Christ died to assure that in Him, you are victorious. Claim your victory and shut down confusion and doubt now.

Here are some ideas you can do to help improve your mood.

Seek professional help if sadness starts to interfere with your everyday life.

  • Go for a walk, or go shopping. A combination of both will be great.
  • Get out and enjoy the sunlight as much as possible.
  • Don’t isolate yourself. Talk to a trusted friend.
  • Keep a healthy diet.
  • Wait, confident that you will be better. It takes time to get out of a depression episode.
  • If you have thoughts of suicide, Call the toll-free National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

You are not alone; help is a call away. There is no shame in reaching out for help.


How sad is having a lack of confidence? It makes us vulnerable to ill-intentioned people. I understand many of us to have reasons to feel less than, but know this: “YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH, YOU ARE WORTH IT, YOU WILL SUCCEED, YOU ARE EQUIPPED, PREPARED, AND ABlE TO CONQUER YOUR FEARS.” Receive it!

Some Plant, Some Waters, God Gives the Increase!

Plant even during difficult times. In due date, you will reap the harvest of your labor. With each season, we have an opportunity to prosper and move ahead. Don’t hesitate. Act according to the desires of your heart, only if they are according to God’s plans. You should have peace if your next step is in the perfect will of God for your future. Pause and examine your intentions and the reasons driving you. Are you honoring God and His word? If you are, proceed!

The one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. ❤️

How do you pick up the pieces?

Watching the bachelorette (don’t judge) I, realize that it is not easy to mend a broken heart. Where do you find the broken pieces if you don’t know where to start? Those missing parts of our hearts got scattered in the places where we said our goodbyes.

Will they be in the mountains or maybe in the valleys of your homeland? Some fragments may be in a nation you visited only once. If only you could follow the trail of tears, the journey would not be so hard. What if you don’t find all the pieces, or if they are no longer intact?

Your heart will never be as complete as before someone crushed the feelings you held inside. What would happen then? Would a broken heart love with the same strength and trust? Or your feelings will now be subpart. Some are incapable of giving you what they never had. Those feelings of selflessness and true love are strange to some.

How can they measure unconditional love when they don’t have a reference to start? We all want to love without reservation and would like to express our most sincere feelings without holding back. Some cannot help hurting you. They are not responsible, do not blame them is just that their heart is no longer whole.


While painting this picture yesterday, I had some challenges that made me reflect on a few things. I believe that I was trying to copy the inspiration painting to perfection. I wanted the same details, a similar distance between the trees and the water. I also wanted to add a landmass to place the cabin and a campfire in the woods. Well, the campfire did not fit! That is when I started thinking about this subject.

We should not attempt to copy the life of others step by step. Life does not work like that. We have our sphere of influence, reach, and space to occupy. Our lives are not like any others. Recognize, be happy for others, and strive to do as good as your potential allows you.

Don’t hesitate to push yourselves to explore and develop your unique talents beyond your mental limitations. Prepare for mistakes along the way. Do not get discouraged. You can always regroup and start the process all over again to find the desired success.

I painted too much landmass in this painting. It required me to wipe half of it with soap and water. I also use acetone to get rid of the impurities left behind by the darker colors. Sometimes you are trapped, and the mistakes you made in your life are hard to remediate. Just like in this painting.

Do not lose heart. Remember that over two thousand years ago, someone paid the ultimate price for you to have hope. There is nothing or no one else that can give you a clean slate to start from afresh. Forgive yourself and anyone that crossed your path and hurt your heart.

That is the best medicine to get your soul ready as a new canvas. Be in the best position to paint a pretty picture of your desires and watch them become a reality.

Happy life and happy painting.


Beautiful trees show the most beautiful colors red, yellow, orange, and golden browns adorn the scenery. In in my hometown is a season many of us enjoy while embracing the hope for a turn of the page.

It has been quite hard this year that is coming to an end. Although the answers for a solution may be weeks or months away, we hope it does not take all years or many more tears.

A life I only read in history books about plagues that disrupt the standard of life and sometimes take it away is happening in our world. I hope it is not here to stay.

We mourn the lost while praying for their souls. We think about our kids’ future who are missing the joy of school activities and sharing life with their friends.

Oh, Lord! a sign of hope! Let us light a fire in our hearts with fervent prayers. Come back to our lives and show the world you are in charge. We chased you out of the places where we needed your presence, your favor, and your protection. We repent! Will you forgive us and restore our lives once again?

Let us have an open mind to understand your Words. Your message is sounding louder while we are in this mess. May you keep our families and love ones in the palm of your hands and save the world according to your plan.

We trust in you Lord


¡Es Tiempo de Sananidad!

A menudo pienso en los viejos tiempos y en los días que recuerdo con remordimiento. Las personas que te rodean y las que no ves a menudo pueden tener una idea sobre ti algo alejada de la verdad. Te encuentran fuerte porque conocen tu historia. Todavía estás de pie y así se prueban las personas fuertes. Al menos según ellos. No tenías más remedio que seguir adelante. Lograste casi todo lo que soñaste. Eso es genial, pero no es la imagen total de quién eres y los remordimientos que llevas en lo más profundo de tu corazón.

Hemos creado una fachada de la vida que queremos que todos vean, aunque a puerta cerrada nos quitamos la máscara. (Muy parecido a la realidad de estos días). En nuestra recámara permitimos que el verdadero yo se levante. Hace sentido. No queremos piedad ni murmuraciones.

Ponemos nuestra mejor sonrisa en el trabajo, frente a los amigos e incluso en la iglesia. A nadie le importa tu historia. ¿Por qué la has de contar? Esa es nuestra mentalidad y en muchos casos tenemos razón. Muy pocas personas tienen tiempo para escuchar lo que necesitas decir. Cuando te preguntan por la mañana que como estás, es solo un saludo, continúa y contéstales que estás bien. No hay tiempo para sentarse y charlar sobre tu situación, tu drama o tus necesidades personales.

¿Por qué me encuentro escribiendo sobre cosas que sucedieron hace mucho tiempo? Creo que algunos de esos recuerdos se manifestaron en mí como resentimientos hasta hace poco. ¡Gracias al Señor!

Al pensar y reflexionar sobre las razones y las raíces de muchos de mis problemas, aprendí que es demasiado común para muchos de nosotros. Me arrepiento de no haber llevado a mi padre a recibir el correo sin quejarme, no comprender a mi madre cuando le faltaba tiempo para mí. Ella estaba ocupada y no pude verlo hasta que críe a mis propios hijos. Un niño tiene una infinidad de tiempo libre. No lo notas entonces, pero tampoco tuviste tiempo para tus padres. Querías que se cumplieran tus necesidades. Sí, eras egoísta cuando eras joven.

¿Cómo cambiaste cuando criaste a tus hijos? Quizás no fuimos tan diferentes de nuestros padres. Demasiado ocupado, demasiado preocupado por las responsabilidades. Un poco egoísta con nuestro tiempo libre. Yo necesitaba hacer mis propias cosas; cocinar, limpiar, hacer manualidades y estar en la iglesia todos los domingos. Llevé a los niños a acampar, pescamos, disfrutamos de las vacaciones y muchas otras cosas. No tenía tanto trabajo como mis padres ni trabajaba en la granja. Aun así, el tiempo nunca parecía ser suficiente para satisfacer las solicitudes de mis niños.

Ojalá hubiera dejado a un lado mis quehaceres y hubiera pasado más tiempo abrazándolos y jugando. Ahora son adultos, con familias y carreras propias. Somos cercanos, compartimos y nos amamos. Sin duda, todo es como debe ser, pero a veces desearía poder hacerlo todo de nuevo y cambiar algunos detalles.

Me encuentro diciéndoles que presten atención a las necesidades de sus hijos. Me temo que se arrepentirán de haber perdido un tiempo precioso con ellos como me pasó a mí. Tuve el coraje para pedirles que me perdonaran si alguna vez me faltó mostrarles amor o afecto. Tú estás bien, dicen con una sonrisa.

Estos días soy intencional en la forma en que interactúo con ellos y encuentro formas de darles afecto y el preciado tiempo. Tal vez pueda recuperar parte de las oportunidades que perdí cuando era más joven y estaba ansiosa por lograr mis metas personales, aspiraciones y cosas que quería aprender.

Escribir sobre mis sentimientos me ha permitido llorar, pensar, evaluar y comprender un poco mejor esos sentimientos. Es una gran catarsis, te lo recomiendo. Necesito perdonarme a mí misma de una vez, debo entender por qué cometí algunos errores. La juventud, la inmadurez y la falta de tiempo juegan factores cruciales. Necesito también comprender y perdonar a los demás. No puedo cambiar el pasado, pero puedo enmendar el presente y planear un gran futuro.

Todos cometimos errores y los volveremos a cometer. Es la vida y no es perfecta. Estamos sujetos a fallar en cualquier momento. No seas tan duro contigo mismo. Sé la mejor versión de ti y no dejes que tus errores pasados se conviertan en remordimientos.

Pedir perdón a alguien no significa que lo obtendrás. Haces tu debida diligencia y dejas que el tiempo traiga la reconciliación, si es posible. Haz que tu corazón esté bien contigo y con Dios. Vivir con remordimientos es debilitante y contraproducente.

Expresa quién eres y muestra tus sentimientos. No guardes tus cumplidos, tus palabras de aliento o tus expresiones de amor. Si lo haces, es posible que pierdas una oportunidad preciosa y única. Lo digo por experiencia propia. Me tomó mucho tiempo perdonarme por ello.

Te deseo que seas bendecido y que vivas libre de remordimientos.

Los bendigo hijos míos.