You can find me today at the Lakehouse. Due to the recent ice and snowstorm, we lost a productive moving-out week. The cars were packed with things to bring over, but we did not know the country roads condition. The snow is almost gone. We just had to shovel the driveway and the front deck. We finally make another run. Today we brought things we are not taking to the new condo we are about to buy.

Moving from a much bigger house has not been easy. The lake house is small, and so is the condo. We are grateful for the unfinished basement, the shed, and the two-car garage. We have many memories to keep. We lack walls to display the mementos from our vacations. Everything should look neat, and we are trying to find the right way to show every item. My eyes are full of tears while I am placing things in order.

My husband understands my nature, and he decided to put some of our pictures on the unfinished basement walls. Look at this; he shouted when I was organizing the main floor. I went to see what he was doing. It was a beautiful surprise to see our pictures on the wall. In the basement, we also have some of his mom’s furniture, old toys, and school pictures.

The house looks a little full. Our house, in particular, holds feelings and beautiful memories. The kids are grown; they are married, and two of them have kids. We want to keep some of their memories and ours. The souvenirs in themselves are not necessary; they transport us to a place and time in the past what adds value. We have also added art from my late brother-in-law and the things the previous owners left behind, just as I promised to do.

This little house feels like home; it feels like happiness. I cannot wait for the summer to spend time with the family. It is much nicer to be outside. Family is what my life is all about. I pray that one day the kids keep some of the things that may remind them of us. I know they will have a box or two I will leave behind with their name on it. It will be full of pictures and some toys from when they were little. I gave them some already, and they appreciated that I kept them.

The kids, the grandkids we have, and the ones that are on the way will use the same blankets and toys. It fulfills the heart of this Abuela. My husband and I will grow older in these two houses; for now, one day, we may have to go back to the city permanently. We are excited to come to the lake house and spend time. It is a beautiful place. I am blessed to have the unforgettable memories that make us FAMILY!

The Lake House

I want to give honor to the ones who where forced to left their dreams behind.

I cannot stop thinking about the previous owners while I make their little lake house mine. As I am cleaning, I picture the couple in my mind, she was up in her 80 years old, I believe. Her husband was gone for three years while she stayed behind in the rural lake community they shared since 2004.

She was too fragile to do the minimal upkeep of this tiny 860 square feet home. It seems that it was hard for her to let go of the memories she created with her late husband. She stayed by herself as long as she could. I had so much respect and reverence in every step I took to restore the house to it’s potential.

I found little gadgets she left behind. I will forever treasure them. They will become permanent fixtures in this cute place we love so much already. My husband came to the house. He was up in the garage, cleaning, and organizing. It seems he had a well-organized workplace once. The husband was sick for a while before he passed. Everything he owned was still there, covered in dust.

He was a handyman. You can see it in the many tools he owned, the ledge to prevent water intrusion through the doors, the French drain to divert water from the driveway, and in the way, he kept the yard. The neighbors said he had a green thumb. Flower beds all around, now full of weeds. I hope the tomato plants, Irises, Butterfly bush, and even a Fig tree still bloom in the Spring.

My husband was having the same feelings as he enters the house and approaches me with sorrow. He explains the sadness he was feeling thinking about the beautiful couple. We saw pictures of them on the coffee table. She left and took with her all her memories. He said, dear as them, one day it will be us. We will also leave this house and the memories we built.

We are Real Estate Agents, you see, but this was not just a transaction. We inherited the precious home someone left for us to treasure. I keep the sweet lady with whom I briefly shared some of her memories before she left for a retirement center in my prayers. I believe God will grant her many years and abundant health.

No puedo dejar de pensar en los dueños anteriores mientras hago mía la pequeña casa en el lago. Mientras estoy limpiando me imagino a la pareja en mi mente, ella tenía más de 80 años me parece. Su esposo ha estado ausente durante 3 años mientras ella se quedó en la comunidad rural al las riberas del lago donde vivían desde 2004.

Ella era demasiado frágil para hacer el mínimo mantenimiento de esta pequeña casa de 860 pies cuadrados, pero parece que le fue difícil dejar ir los recuerdos que creó con su difunto esposo. Se quedó sola todo el tiempo que pudo.  Sentí mucho respeto y reverencia en cada paso que daba para restaurar la casa a su potencial.

Encontré pequeños artilugios que dejó atrás. Los atesoraré por siempre. Se convertirán en accesorios permanentes en este lindo lugar que ya amamos tanto. Mi esposo vino a la casa, estaba en el garaje limpiando y organizando. El garaje parecía haber sido un lugar de trabajo muy bien organizado alguna vez. El esposo estuvo enfermo por un tiempo antes de morir, todo lo que tenía todavía estaba allí, pero ahora estaba cubierto de polvo.

Definitivamente era un hombre hábil, se puede ver en las muchas herramientas que poseía, la repisa para evitar la entrada de agua a través de las puertas, el desagüe francés para desviar la lluvia del camino de entrada y en la forma en que mantenía el patio. Los vecinos dijeron que tenía habilidad en la jardinería. Macizos de flores alrededor, ahora están llenos de pasto. Espero que todavía florezcan en primavera. Plantas de tomate, lirios, arbustos de mariposas e incluso una higuera.

Mi esposo estaba teniendo los mismos sentimientos cuando entró a la casa y se acercó a mí con dolor. Explicó la tristeza que sentía al pensar en la hermosa pareja. Vimos fotos de ellos en la mesa de café antes de que ella se fuera llevándose todos sus recuerdos. Dijo,”querida como ellos algún día seremos nosotros, también dejaremos esta casa y los recuerdos que construimos”.

Somos agentes inmobiliarios, estamos acostumbrados pero esto no fue solo una transacción. Heredamos la preciosa casa que alguien nos dejó quizás con la esperanza de que la atesoráramos como ellos lo hicieron. Mantengo la frágil señora con la que compartí un poco de sus recuerdos antes que se marchara a un centro de retiro en mis oraciones. Creo que Dios le concederá muchos años y salud en abundancia.