2021 you have been a crazy ride so far. The Real Estate market is extremely competitive. Housing prices are rising by the minute, and we are confronting a shortage of houses for sale. Ten offers on one home for sale are as common as coffee in the morning.

It is a stampede of buyers looking for a place to feel safe. Too much uncertainty about vacations has motivated people to concentrate on finding a comfortable place to be. I am no different, I ended the year buying a lake house, and today I posted my four-bedroom home for sale. I also have a contract on a brand-new townhouse that has much less upkeep.

It is much easier to escape to the countryside if you do not have two yards to mow. Hey, this madness is contagious. I have the challenge to find homes for civilian and military clients currently deployed overseas. God help us. We have limited options and set budgets to accommodate the strict demands of the sellers.

No closing costs paid by the seller and over asking price is what it takes to buy a home these days. I just lost a deal today, meaning that I will have to go out to find another house. Well, guess what? My buyer decided to buy my house.

We are under contract. Soon I will downgrade my spacious home for a brand-new two bedrooms townhouse. Today the madness is under control until my soldiers get back to town. For this and other blessings, I am grateful. Good night.